Photos from exhibitions and events at Sorbus during 2017
Includes links to artist interviews made by Sorbus

Sorbus is an art space and artist collective located at Vaasankatu 15, Helsinki, Finland.

A quote from Leah Beeferman's interview, made for her Light Matter exhibition:
“For each project or body of work I make, I first need to develop a structure to work within — some focused limitations to guide the work in a particular conceptual direction. So, for this show, it’s the color white, the science of light, and the idea of how to orient yourself, observationally. These ideas come from spending time in a place, and trying to understand it experientially, scientifically, and, to some degree, historically.” January

Leah Beeferman: Light Matter, January

Leah Beeferman: Light Matter, January
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Ristomatti Myllylahti's video installation Pahviäly & Happy Horror, February

Ristomatti Myllylahti's Happy Horror exhibition blended the old and the new, horror and joy together with "digitally precise chilled out finger drawing". The works were based on Myllylahti’s thoughts on our ability or inability to adapt to society, the value of money and art, along with destruction surrounded by silence. February

Detail of Pahviäly & Happy Horror installation in Ristomatti Myllylahti´s exhibition, February
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Outside view to Tuomo Tuovinen's exhibition Whatever Makes You Happy, March–April

Tuomo Tuovinen's exhibition, Whatever Makes You Happy, dealt with food as a belief system. It featured a narrative two-channel video work focusing on four characters. In their daily activities in the kitchen and the grocery store, they navigate in the cross-currents of information, doubt, beliefs, and wishes. Their worldviews are mosaics of mixed and contradictory views, theories, stories, research results, myths, and trends. March–April

Bilberry oat cereals on serve at Tuomo Tuovinen´s Whatever Makes You Happy exhibition. March-April

A transforming sound sculpture, created by three reel-to-reel tape recorders and tape loops of different durations, in Vuosi (Year) Collective's sound installation. Vuosi Collective is Ilpo Numminen, J. Koho, and Olli Aarni. April

Shawné Michaelain Holloway's Sub Not Slave was a multimedia installation that forced the viewer to look down. Through a creative re-staging of a sex club bathroom, the work presented an examination of power. Serving as a kind of interrogation booth, the work turned into a structure that simultaneously asked, “What turns you on?” and “What do you think is dirty?” April–May

Shawné Michaelain Holloway: Sub Not Slave, April–May

A detail in Shawné Michaelain Holloway's Sub Not Slave installation. April - May
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Mika Palonen: Time Ticks Away Like Wood Ticks Behind The Soda Pile, May-June

Mika Palonen’s images are material traces of something that could be called a way of life or a performance. He blends cause and effect and creates his own systems to observe and write down time and life. Palonen’s way of working is both precise and incidental. May–June

A detail from Mika Palonen's untitled painting (103 x 103 cm, linseed oil paint, pencil, and beeswax crayon on canvas)

Dance-performance Mustavuoren sammalmöljykkä by Sini Silveri (movement) and J. Koho (sound) during Mika Palonen's exhibition, June

Finnish summer weather characterized the opening of the eight day open air event Veranda. That didn't keep people from showing up to witness Draama-Helmi, the antihero of unclear Finnish rap. June (Photo: Valo Vairio)

On the opening day of Veranda, Juha Valkeapää did a voice portrait of the rowan tree growing on Vaasankatu. The three parts of the voice portrait are Pihlaja, Rönn, and Sorbus.

AK, a hip hop/r&b-duo, formed by Tainee and Donatella, representing the new wave of Finnish hiphop at Veranda. June (Photo: Ari Toivonen)

Otto Byström and André Chapatte, genderqueer mutant macho assholes from 2069, performing at Veranda. June (Photo: Ari Toivonen)

Raivoraittius delivering their anarchist queer edge transcore at Veranda. June (Photo: Antti Ahonen)

Rapper Versace Henrik rushing into the audience during his performance at Veranda. June (Photo: Antti Ahonen)

Rapper Pieni Poika Caleb performing at Veranda. June

As a part of Veranda, sociologist Mikko Piispa and Sorbus arranged a panel discussion on art during the era of global warming. Panelists (left to right): curator Anna-Kaisa Koski, artist Nestori Syrjälä, and actor & director Noora Dadu. Piispa on the mic. June (Photo: Antti Ahonen)

MSHR collective's ritualistic analog circuit light-audio synthesizer performance at Veranda. June (Photo: Antti Ahonen)

Quiet Dances, a concept realised with 24 dancers in 24 hours and developed by Wilhelm Blomberg, was a part of Kiasma Theatre's URB-festival program. Tibu Borgstén danced from 11 am – 12 noon. August (Photo: Simo Karisalo)

Elina Pirinen performed in Quiet Dances at 10–11 pm. August (Photo: Simo Karisalo)

André Chapatte's performance at the opening event of R4PP4CC1N1'S D4UGH73R group exhibition, August

Video of André Chapatte's performance at the opening event of R4PP4CC1N1'S D4UGH73R group exhibition, August

Ville Kallio's hanging sculpture Lairmax, Maya Ben David's video work PÓKEMORPH ME, and Bora Akinciturk's painting Science after Igor Morski in R4PP4CC1N1'S D4UGH73R, a group exhibition curated by Sorbus and Jaakko Pallasvuo, August

R4PP4CC1N1'S D4UGH73R, a group exhibition curated by Sorbus and Jaakko Pallasvuo, featuring Bora Akinciturk, André Chapatte, Maya Ben David, Ville Kallio, Katja Novitskova, Salla Tykkä and Emmi Venna, August

Salla Tykkä's photo work Nightmare in R4PP4CC1N1'S D4UGH73R group exhibition, August

Artist & musician Merja Kokkonen made a comeback into visual arts with her Onteloiset exhibition, which featured nine unique linocut prints. September

Linocut prints at Merja Kokkonen's Onteloiset exhibition, September
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Sorbus Coffee, artist meeting and discussion in Merja Kokkonen's exhibition, co-hosted by artist Tellervo Kalleinen (left). September

Musa Dwarf with their magical sound jug. October

Singer-songwriter Janne Laurila's Sunday afternoon concert in October.

Olimpia Splendid in concert. October

Stockholm based Viktor Fordell's exhibition Inmost Light, featuring new mixed media works. October–November

Viktor Fordell – Lady Unveiled, 2017
150 x 110 cm, Wood, canvas, acrylic, paper, glue, dried flowers

Viktor Fordell – The Inmost Light (detail), 2017
150 x 28 x 30 cm, steel, wood, plaster, fabric, acrylic, paper, led-light

Josefin Arnell and Aapo Nikkanen's duo exhibition, Smile and be happy because things could be worse, featured new works from both artists and a co-produced video work that they made during their Helsinki visit. November–December
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Josefin Arnell – Zombie curtain 1, 2017
180 x 180 cm, print on a shower curtain

Aapo Nikkanen – Accidental Google Search, 2017
50 x 100 cm, print on a towel, towel holder

New year's window exhibition with Jyrki Nissinen's new silent video work Hanging Out With Bysse, December
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Pussikaljat joita ei koskaan juotu, Yle Puhe, Juuso Pekkinen, 24.7.2017

In coming up to five years a gallery, Helsinki’s Sorbus pick some of the acts to see at their Veranda open air event, AQNB, 9.6.2017

Shawné Michaelain Holloway: Sub Not Slave, Edit, Rosa Kuosmanen, 4.5.2017

“What turns you on?”: Shawné Michaelain Holloway talks power + submission in Sub Not Slave at Helsinki’s Sorbus, AQNB, 24.4.2017

Ruoan jäljeen (Tuomo Tuovinen – Whatever Makes You Happy), Edit-taidemedia, Viivi Poutiainen, 29.3.2017

Katsojan silmässä, Ylioppilaslehti, Carolina Forss, 27.3.2017

Kahden roolin kollektiivi, Framen uutiskirje, Anna Pöppönen, 19.12.2017

A poisonous maiden in millennial pink for Jaakko Pallasvuo + Sorbus-curated group show R4pp4cc1n1’5 D4ugh73r, AQNB, 4.9.2017